Friday, 11 January 2013

Premiere Pompette de 2013!

'Appy New Year les amies!

Did you have a good noel?  I 'ope so and zat you all 'ave a New Year Resolution to speak more French, play more bingo and to eat more Camembert!  So just like a gym membership, people found motivation chez Pompette on Friday, despite the 'extreme' weather conditions!

We started wiv Guillaume Pigé who created an electric atmosphere to start ze evening wiv!
Followed by ze ever stylish Kathleen Pearlson who brought her unique belly danse.
Marion followed zis up wiv a charming sketch on New Years resolutions which included speaking more French!

Zer waz of course a game of LOTO!!! Which was tense and euphorique as ever!

And finally Monsieur Jon Davison clowned a worthy finale!
 Merci to Monsieur Don Shades once again for 'iz beautiful photographs.
 Merci for your continued support and let ze good time roll for 2013!  Our next rendez-vous iz le 8 Mars.  See you zer!

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