Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Spéciale Noël 2012

Well les amies, az 'la fin du monde' approaches we can say we have celebrated in style!

Antoine Siggen
 We kicked-of wiv a new face, Monsieur Antoine Siggen, a street artist who iz Pompette's first juggling act!

Marion and Becky
 We 'ad a very special nativity play performed in true Pompette style; Michael Jackson's Earthsong was the sound track to a spectacular birth, witnessed by a shepherd, ox and midwife all plucked from ze audience!
Kathleen Pearlson
 Before we got down to ze serious matter of Loto we 'ad some wonderfool performances by Dr Ana Esmith from ze Hurt Club and Carlo Jacucci who did something wiv an accordion zat I 'ad not seen before!

Click 'ere for ze link to Un Jour Une Rencontre!

Finally we sang some French Christmas songs, Petit Papa Noel and a translated version of We Wish You a Merry Christmas!  Merci to Lily Zazou for leading us with her fabulous voice!
Vive les Soirée Pompette!
See you on the 18th of January for ze 1st Pompette of 2013!!!

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