Friday, 15 July 2011

Le 12 August!

Well well well! After being worried zat Pompette would be empty in August we 'ad one of our best nights yet!
Sacré ambiance!

Merci to everywon 'oo came down and enjoyed un verre de vin.  Ze air waz thick wiv ze smell of Camembert and ze sound of keystage 2 French. What more can yoo wish for?

Anozer exciting development waz our new friendship wiv Emilondon 'oo wrote a lovely review of ze night and 'oo will be working wiv us via The Art FabriC to promote French cultural events in Londres.

Finally we are pleased to announce zat ze next Soirée will be ze 7 Octobre! See you zen!

Anozer fabulous performance by Jon Davidson!

Ze Diva gave us a lesson in love!

Olga returned avec ses enfants terrible!

Ze ever populaire LOTO

Zer waz a nail-biting moment when deux peoples won ze jack pot!
Finally we 'ad a winner after a very dramatique  tournament of papier-scissors-stone!

Zer are many more pictures on ze facebook group page! Join us zer! 
Bisous Pompette 


  1. Hello Ze Troupe !

    I would love to see your performance in London the 12th of August.
    But I've no idea how to buy a ticket, or book it.
    Can you help me to see you ?

    HOpe to see you there !

  2. doit-on acheter les places en avance?


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