Saturday, 7 May 2011

Le 17 Juin

What anozer wonderfool night!  Bravo to all zose 'oo came out in ze 'orrible wezer for Soirée Pompette.  But what a treat zey 'ad in store.  We revisited ze invention of ze Cancan as well as welcoming back ze Diva de la Guitarre!

Zer was  mind boogling magique from Guillaume Pigé

 as well as acrobatie and spagettti!

We also celebrated ze birfday of Lily Zazou 'oo brot along 'er jazz band....

Once again ze game of  Loto was very dramatique but ze winners of ze grand prix were very 'appy.
I 'ope to annouce ze next Soirée very soon, so watch zis spaces!

In ze meantime...Join ze group 'ere!
Et un grand merci a Stuart for ze fantastique photos!

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