Saturday, 13 November 2010

Le 15 Novembre

Yesterday waz a lovely evening wiv more fabulous performances and a valiant audience 'oo braved 'orrible wever and terrible metro to be wiv us.
Camilla Mathias
We enjoyed a performances from 'la diva de la guitarre', Camilla Mathias; a poême de Victor Hugo recited by 'is ex-lover Olga;

une tour de magie by ze wonderful Guillaume Pigé 

and a speciale stripteaze by Janina Rajakangas which ended ze night with suitable surrealité!  

We were also entertain by ze fabulous Lucy Requier 'oo enchanted people at zer tables wiv ballon modelling; fantastique! 

And bravo to our winners of lotto 'oo left wiv 'les prix de rêves'; camambert et champagne!
Soon to be confirmé will be ze Christmas speciale; I 'op to book Papa Noël, negotiations wiz 'is agente are on-going...

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