Thursday, 11 November 2010


Salut mes petits choux et chouquettes!  Wellcom to ze blog for ze Soirées Pompette!  Oui!
Ze first nite waz le 15 Octobre and we 'ad a lot of fun.  We 'ad performances from Camilla Mathias 'oo looked like a yong, sobre Piaf; Tricity Vogue 'oo gave us a fantastiquely rood song wiv karaoke; George Little took us scuba diving; Gaidig retold Little Red Riding 'Ood and Napoleon gave us a finale not to be forgotten!
Ze crowd waz very amusant wiz lots of French, red cheeks and gesticulations.  Bravo!  We played lotto or 'bingo' and zis waz very magical az we 'ad only 70 balls for a 90 ball game.  Ooh la la!  Everyone 'ad 'ad enof vin rouge too find zis very fanny and we gave zem camembert az apologie.
We sang Joyeux Anniversaire to someone in ze crowd and zer waz party poppers for everyone at ze end; an ambiance trés gay!

We look forward to ze next Soiréeon ze 12 Novembre we will 'av Camilla back, poetry, magique and a reverse stripteaze!  A bientot!

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