Saturday, 14 January 2017

Le 17 Fevrier

Bonjour les amies

Merci so very much for your interest in Soirée Pompette on Friday.

Sadly we have to cancel because of a bereavement which came suddenly this morning.

We hope you will understand and that you will join us when we confirm a revised date.

Regretfully yours...Miss Pompette xx

Parlez-vous français?  Oui? Non? Un petit peu?

Soirée Pompette is an old fashioned variety night, complete with live acts, cheap plonk and a big game of bingo.  The only twist is you have to speak French, or at least pretend to.

From the moment you enter our charming cabaret hall you’ll be greeted, seated and served at the bar in French.

So pull out your old GCSE (no matter the grade) and refresh your ‘’une bouteille et quatre verres’’ and your  ‘’Répétez s'il vous plaît?’’

Jo Stephenson
George Little


Friday 17 February 20:00
Exmouth Market Theatre (the church hall of The Holy Redeemer on Exmouth Market) London EC1R 4QE
£10= entry plus a free glass of wine.
Free bottle of wine for pre-booked table reservations of 6 RSVP to

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