Sunday, 28 April 2013

Ze Last Refuge!

Le 4 May we were part of ze first festival of ze Last Refuge in Peckham!

Oui! Pompette in Peckham!

We performed on ze bar and ze ambiance, az ever waz fantastique...!

We kicked off wiz our favourate magicien...Monsieur Guillaume Pigé who kindly took a night off 'is busy rehersals for The Little Soldiers.
Les Soirées Pompettes are familiar wiv les 'problemes techniques' but luckily Elektronika waz on 'and to 'elp!
Carlo Jaccuci honoured us wiv 'is 'ilarious performance. Quel accodion dramatique!

Biensur we played loto!

And Monsieur Jon Davison gave un a finale full of dropped pantalons. MERCI!
Special thanks to Monsieur Roger Smith for ze wonderfool photos!
Bises, Pompette.

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