Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Quel est la date de ton anniversaire?

Soirée Pompette celebrated its 2nd birfday on ze 5 Octobre!
We celebrated in characteristique style; a packed house; standing ovations and a Camembert sell-out!
Pompette 'ad a new 'at for ze occasion!
Zer were many many performances to celebrate our anniversaire zis monf.  Add to zat ze full house and we  'ad a very atmospherique Pompette!  Merde if you missed it!!! 
Anna Lou crooned a wonderfool into of Piaf...

One of our new favorite performances! Zer were gasps, nail biting and  a standing ovation for ze incroyable acrobatics.  Az if it couldn't be better, zey chose ''Je t'aime'' by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin as zer soundtrack.  How-do-yoo-sé...Cheeky!

Monsieur Beige
Monsieur Beige create a fabulous contrast to the high energy performances. Zer were giggles all round az 'e challenged ze audience to a silent performance.
Our night waz made complete by Kathleen Pearlson 'ho performed a unique style of ''Belly Danse''.  Pompette wants to be just like 'er!!!
Merci to Phil Phil for ze photos!

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