Wednesday, 2 May 2012

27 Avril

Zis month saw the return of some golden oldees and ze arrivel of some fraîche new talent!
We kicked off wiv ze glamoureuse Julia 'hoo dazzled us wiv 'er danse oriental...
Just imagine 'Aïcha'  playing in ze background!
Zen welcomed home Camilla Mathias who incorperated tap danse into 'er multi-lingual performance!

Next was a new comer to the Pompette familly.. Monsieur Tom Devoe...Spoon Bender extraordinaire!

Miss Anna Lou was our ''Belle Epoque in 'ot Pants'' act...
While Lucy Requier delivered a sketch that was voted on by the publique! 

Finally, ze talanted Monsieur Guillaume Pigé gave us a very cheeky card trick which 'ad ze young mademoiselles in ze audience going wild!

Biensûr we played bingo and zis months winner waz ze very lucky Kathryn!
See you soooooooon!

Un grand merci to Monsieur Don Shades for ze beautiful pictures check out 'is website

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