Monday, 17 October 2011


Merci to everyone 'ho came last vendredi. It was incroyable to think zat it 'as been une année since we started les Soirées Pompette. 'ho wood 'ave thought zat a French cabaret wood find such success in Londres! Merci to all ze wonderfool people 'ho have been fundamental to it's success....

We started our party wiv' Julia, ze belly dancer. She danced on tables and 'ad people shaking zer derrieres wiv 'er! Manifique!

We continued with anozer surrealist performance by Olga 'hoo prepared a coq au vin live on stage!
Jaques Brel was ze audio garnish for zis performance...

Bring in ze Clowns!

Jon Davison returned for more wonderfool Clown! We 'av become big fans of Monsieur Davison and 'is colapsing chaise...Encore!

And La Diva! It waz obligatoire zat ze first EVER performer at Soirée Pompette waz zer at ze anniversaire!

Le Magicien Guillaume Pigé 'ad everyone saying 'Oooh la la!' wiv 'is disappearing balls. 

Most French Looking Audience Member Award Winner!

Until ze next time! Bises.

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