Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Le 15 Avril

Well well well.  What a super fan night wee 'ad!  Zis monf we enjoyed new performances from Jon Davison 'oo danced wiv three legs, yes! Un, deux, trois! 
And a second act with very long arms!

Elodie Marques de Olivera mesmarized wiv her Bolas act. 

Georges, 'oo 'as performed before az a scuba diver and a fawn, waz zis time a femme trés fatale...

And Robert Blackwood 'ad us all singing along to Brel, with very well chosen song lyrics!
We of corse played loto and 3 lucky people walked away wiv dream prizes.  Thank you to everywan 'oo came, as usual we 'ad a wonderfool crowd, fantastique ambiance and many many laughs! Encore!

23, 23, 23, 23

Un bisous pour une biére.

Chez Pompette ze barwoman iz everything!

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