Sunday, 13 February 2011

Le 11 Février

We 'ad a lot of fun yet again!  Wiv new acts and returning audience members we ran out of champagne! Quelle horreur!  We made some friends wiv ze Fratellis brovers, Garance Louis amazed wiv 'er accordion and La Fée Twinkle 'ad everyone doing pipi in zer cullotes wiv 'er 'ilarious chat show and showbiz assistant Monsieur Croc.

Finally Lucy Requier gave us a silent movie wiv sous-titres and of course we played lotto wiv people going home wiv camenbert, free drinks and ze coverted Soirée Pompette mug!

We even 'ad the pleasure of welcoming a team from French Radio London 'oo are doing a reportage, so watch zis spaces for zat recording!

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