Thursday, 16 December 2010


Ello my loves.  It az taken a little while too post ze photos from ze last Pompette, but merde!  It iz Christmas!  I 'ad so little time!

It waz a fabulous evening, ze best yet in fact!  We 'ad several companies celebrating Christmas wiv us, including Big Wheel Theatre Compagnie who were in great spirits as always.  Merci les amies.

 Az always we had some great acts including ze wonderful Guillaume Pigé,

Lucy Requier, Olga and even Papa Noël 'imself!  Incroyable! 
Papa Noël looks a little pompette 'imself!

We also enjoyed face-painting by ze lovely Marie and of course we played some Lotto and our winnerz left wiv 'ze prizes of dreams' presented by ze master of presents...Papa Noël!
Ze next Siorée Pompette will be announced shortly...ezer of ze last weekends in Janvier, so watch zis spaces!

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